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A love poem for the street, inspired by a time spent living in Rome. This piece was created through a process of painting and repainting the same image over and over again on a piece of Fabriano paper. In part the process is to pay homage to the the structures that align the street, the way in which they themselves are painted in repetition, to hide their aged surfaces, to keep them with us in time. I also felt it was important to paint layers upon layers to express the role of a poem. A poem is to be recited over and over again, passed on through not a just a visual means but through the utterance of one human to another. This piece has an actual poem written beneath the painted layers. piece comes with a printed version of the poem.

Street Speak
Street Speak, a love poem.
acrylic paint, marker, pen, and colored pencil
3.5" x 3.5"